One thing I’ve always found strange about the world of professional gaming is that while there aren’t many American e-sports teams and players, especially when compared to the European scene, there seems to be significantly more coverage of the American e-sports scene than the European one! Don’t get me started on American event coverage over European ones as well!

Or aim here at Pelucas Urbam is to place more focus on the European gaming scene and to push for more events, better coverage, and more news of not just the professional aspect of European gaming, but for the casual end as well.

If you are passionate about the gaming scene here in Europe, whether it’s the professional scene, the casual/semi-casual streaming scene, or even just opinions and reviews on video games and the digital scene in Europe, we want to hear from you!

If you’re passionate enough to want to write about those things as well, that’s even better! You can find our information on our contact page if you’d like to send us samples of your work. Articles must be between 300-350 words and must be in English. Articles must also be original and have proper grammar and spelling.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!